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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Telecom Company Ericsson Building Trail 3G Mobile Network In Bangladesh

Ericsson Bangladesh Limited, a telecoms vendor, will introduce 3G technology for the first time in Bangladesh on a trial basis within a month.

The Sweden-based company already got permission from the Bangladesh Telecommu-nications Regulatory Commis-sion (BTRC) for conducting a third generation (3G) network technology demonstration.

"We have brought all the equipment required for demonstrating 3G technology in Bangladesh. So in a sense we are ready to display the advantages of 3G technology in Bangladesh," said Arun Bansal, managing director of Ericsson Bangladesh Limited.

He said, "Everything is going on and we hope officially we will make the demo by the beginning of August".

The company officials said they got the frequency from the BTRC for six months to operate the trail programme in the Dhaka region.

Usually, 3G is a technology that enables to services include wide-area wireless voice telephony, video calls, and broadband wireless data all in a mobile environment.

Ericsson Bangladesh is conducting the trial sharing sites with leading mobile phone operators Grameenphone, Telecom Malaysia International Bangladesh (AKTEL) and Warid Telecom International Ltd.

The company's managing director at its Dhaka office yesterday demonstrated one feature of 3G by making video calls within the trial network.

Bansal said in terms of high broadband technology, 3G can help the nation rather than any other upcoming technology.

Ericsson officials said 3G would be the perfect technology for commercial mobile broadband services as the technology offers the best way in terms of economies and spectrum efficiency.

3G technology-enabled network offers the users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency.

Ericsson completed a high length detail survey in 17 districts across the country among respondents of 15 to 60 years of age and found them highly interested in different features of the 3G technology.

The Swedish based telecom equipment supplier holds more than 70 percent market share in the Bangladesh market.


  1. Its Like Dreams Coming True...
    I always like new technology....
    3G in Bangladesh wow....

  2. But when mobile operators lunch 3G in Bangladesh.

  3. i think start of 2009 we will see 3G service in bangladesh by grameen phone.

  4. Other company name who got 3G trail license in bd?

  5. Which operator sim will provide trail 3G in bangladesh? Anyone know please answer?