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Thursday, November 6, 2008

HTC Touch HD Comes O2 Germany Only For 290 Euro

O2 Germany announced that the HTC Touch HD multimedia powerhouse will arrive on the carrier's shop windows rather soon. The handset will be sold exclusively by O2 in Germany for four weeks starting from mid-November.

Having seen a similar thing happen in UK, the short-term exclusivity deal in Germany hardly comes as a surprise to us. What somewhat surprises though is the fact that the phones will be sold without a SIM-lock.

HTC Touch HD

The O2 states that it will charge 290 euro for the HTC Touch HD combined with one of their subscription plans. However there is no information if the deal is valid with any plan or only with the ones on a heftier monthly tax. We remind you that the HD retails at about 80 GBP in UK with a 40 GBP/month plan on an 18-month contract.

According to O2 the strongest selling points of the HTC Touch HD are the large 3.8" WVGA touchscreen and the TouchFLO 3D UI. In addition the phone comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and an enormous set of connectivity options but unless you lived in a cave for the past few months you already knew that.

Still, you can check out our quick and dirty preview of the HTC uber QWERTY-less device.

New Samsung ML2240 Printer by Smart

Samsung ML2240 Printer

Smart Technologies BD Ltd introduces New Samsung ML2240 Laser Printer in the local ICT market.
*Can print out 3000-3500 pages
* Print Speed 22 ppm
* USB 2.0 Interface Printing Device
* Print Resolution 1200 dpi and 8 MB Printing RAM
* Can print out papers from 3X5 inch to 8.5X14 inch
* Can print over post card, envelope, label too
* Supports wide range of OS : Windows Vista, XP, ’98, Me, 2000, 2003 Server, Linux and MacOS (10.3-10.5)

Pinter: BDT 8,500.00 only
Toner: BDT 3,000.00 only

For more, contact:
Smart Technologies BD Ltd.
Phone: 01730-317766, 8112613

108Mbps 802.11a/b/g Outdoor AP by Richman

108Mbps 802.11a/b/g Outdoor AP

Richman Informatics has introduced 108Mbps 802.11a/b/g Outdoor AP in the local ICT Market.
Feature Summery:
108Mbps 802.11a/b/g Outdoor AP
N-Type connector
Atheros 108Mbps 802 11a/b/g Chipset
802.3af PoE Power
AP, Router, Client, Repeater, WISP modes
QoS, Multiple SSID, VLAN

Detailed Features:
108Mbps Atheros 11a CPE
The WHA-5500CPE-NT is one of the Outdoor AP devices that is designed to run at the 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. Therefore, you can setup up your outdoor wireless network quickly. It can be use to build point-to-point connections between buildings or used as wireless clients for WISP subscribers. With its Atheros 108Mbps Super A / Turbo A*/ Super G / Turbo G capability, it is also suitable for WISP backbone applications.
5 Kilometers Distance or More
With high performance Atheros 11a/b/g radio, the CPE can reach the distance of 5 kilometer or more in good weather condition. The included 802.3af Power over Ethernet adapter is capable of up to 100 meter in distance between the AP unit to the power outlet. This makes installation very versatile and simple.
Multiple Operation Model
The WHA-5500CPE-NT is equipped with multiple wireless operation modes. The Bridge Mode function is for building wireless connection between 2 buildings. The AP mode is for hotspot service or WISP service to subscribers. The CPE can be used on the subscriber sight to receive WISP Internet service in client/WISP mode. The CPE has every wireless mode function for your equipments.
WHA-5500CPE-NT provides Multi-SSID to create different wireless network using one AP. The TAG VLAN feature allow service provider to control service content of each SSID network all the way back to core router. The QoS feature allows to prioritized the different package according the 802.11e WMM protocol and triple play (Voice, Video and Data).

For more, contact:
HEAD OFFICE:20/2, North Dhanmondi, West Panthopath, Dhaka-1205
Tel: +8802-9140339, 8144084, 9143683
SHOW ROOM:SR-239, BCS Computer City, IDB Bhaban, Agargaon, Dhaka
Tel: +8802-9110898

CVL introduces MSI Wind PC in Bangladesh

MSI Wind PC, a perfect combination of Energy, Reduce Noise Best Solution for your 24-hour Computing Needs
MSI Wind PC is based on new generation platform which is designed for a mix of performance, low power usage, size and affordability which is suitable for mobile applications or for users who leave their computers on 24-hours per day. The mini compact Wind PC only measures 6.5-centimeter, which is 3X smaller than the traditional ATX chassis. This highly-functional system is very space-saving; you can practically put it anywhere, on the table or bookshelf. The attractive red paint and streamline design makes the MSI Wind PC sleek and modern which complements any room in your home. Com Valley Ltd. Recently marketing wind pc to the local IT market in Bangladesh.

3X smaller thickness. The space magician
The size of Wind PC is only 300 X 260 X 65 mm with a conversion volume capacity of about 4.7 liters. Compared to standard ATX* chassis, MSI Wind PC saves about 83% spaces. In addition, the mini compact Wind PC only measures 6.5-centimeter, which is 3X smaller than traditional ATX chassis. The stylish design and clean lines create a unifying theme that blends easily with the most stylish home decor. Wind PC offers superior functions and performance and promises you the most hassle-free addition to your home!

*Note: The size of standard ATX is 12 X 9.6 ": L425mm X W178mm X H410mm

Save energy, save money
To avoid wasting earth resources and reduce environment waste, MSI Wind PC is powered by MSI ultra-low-power platform. The TDP (Thermal Design Power) is only 4W is 16X smaller than the general desktop processors and 9X smaller than laptop processors. With MSI excellent electronic circuit design, the full speed operation of Wind PC is only 35W. Compared to the 250W power consumption of general desktop computer, Wind PC can save up to 86% on electricity even when users use the computer for over a 24-hour period. It is very suitable for file server, remote monitoring or playing online game. MSI Wind PC is the best solution for your 24-hour computing needs. In addition, Wind PC has been certificated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the ENERGY STAR* Version 4.0 to enable 65% more reduction when in standby mode.

Quieter than electric fans at home
MSI Wind PC is based on MSI next generation platform which use high efficiency and stability of the passive cooling system design. From the fan noise and damage concerns, the operation volume is less than 30dB which is quieter than electric fans used at home. It's even quieter than the fan of the graphics card of desktop. Get a good night's sleep even when your computer is on and say goodbye to annoying fan noise while you're working or playing.

Built-in WLAN and omni-directional antenna
Besides the built-in high-speed Gb LAN and 802.11b/g wireless network, the Wind PC also comes with an omni-directional antenna. The omni-directional antenna helps users to have Internet connection anywhere at home. You don't need extra cable lines or destroy the interior of your house just to have an Internet connection. Preserve the beauty of your house and just simply enjoy the convenience and flexibility of MSI Wind PC.

Theatre-class audio-visual experience
Wind PC supports 7.1-channel audio output and DVD Combo, which allows users to enjoy unparalleled digital audio visual experience. It also comes with a built-in TV card that allows users to connect the cable line at home and experience a powerful TV quality. Moreover, it provides several full-screen functions, sub-screen switch, record function and Internet connection. Users can also toggle between the television and computer and have a good time with MSI Wind PC.

Full-featured multimedia center
The Wind PC comes with a front panel multi-format card reader which reads virtually any popular card format. Simply connect your camera to the computer and all your pictures are there ready to be looked at. In addition, the Wind PC has a built-in 160GB 7200 SATA hard drive that can store more than 30 DVD movies. Its storage capacity simply meets consumer's demand for high availability storage solution.

For more information, contact
Computer Valley Ltd
Phone: 9661034,8130780

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Latest I-mobile Price In Bangladesh

Softbank Introduces Sharp Aquos Fulltouch Slider With Quasi-XGA Resolution

Just when we thought the Touch HD really packed the pixels in, Softbank and Sharp have announced the Aquos Fulltouch 931SH slider, which sports a wild 1024 x 480 3.8-inch touchscreen. That's almost the same res as most netbooks, for comparison -- we're not sure what all that pixel density is good for at this size, but we know we want it. Apart from the screen it's also a pretty solid 3G Softbank featurephone: browser, Bluetooth with A2DP, 5.2 megapixel camera with image stabilizer, accelerometer, 1seg TV tuner, and a media player with microSD expansion. Sure, sure -- but look at that screen, people. That's the stuff dreams are made of. Anyone up for a trip to Japan?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Survey On Internet Users In Dhaka

A survey is going to be conducted on the internet users in Dhaka by
The number internet user in Dhaka is getting higher day by day. South Asian research firm Bytes for All Initiative is going to conduct a survey on the social status analysis as long as the types of internet use of the Internet users in Dhaka. Now the first level survey for this research is going to be conducted. Any internet user from Dhaka are requested to take part in that survey.

The users are requested to visit the following link to take part:

Two WiMAX licensees Fail To Pay, BTRC Given More Time

Two of the three WiMAX licensees have failed to pay the required fees in time, forcing the regulators to extend the deadline by a month.
BTRC Sunday cited the global financial crisis as the reason when it announced the extension of the deadline from Oct 16 to Nov 15.
Brac BDMail Network and M/s BanglaLion Communications will now get this extra time to pay up half the Tk 215 crore fee.
"Considering the global crisis, and taking into account the petitions from the winning bidders, the 10-working day time for depositing half the license fee has been extended to Nov 15," BTRC chairman Manzurul Alam told
Losing bidders, however, began complaining.
"If we knew such an opportunity would come, many of us would have offered more money for license," said Syed Masud Kabir, managing director of Mango Teleservices.
The guideline, he said, spoke of 10 working days and no scope for an extension. But, he admitted, the commission reserved the right to amend the guideline.
The BTRC chairman disagreed.
"This is not right. The entire license fee will have to be deposited in 90 days.
"If they fail, other companies in line will get the licenses.
"The global crisis struck immediately after the bidding (on Sept 24)," he said.
The BTRC chief said India too suspended the 3-G licensing process because of the crisis.
The other winning company, Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd, was handed the license Sunday by the BTRC chairman following its payment of the required fee in time, a BTRC statement said.

Microlab Speaker X23 Now In Bangladesh Market

Computer Source Ltd has introduced Microlab’s new X23 Speakers in the local ICT market.
• Louder and clear sound quality
• Attractive look
• 5:1 sound system
• One large woofer and 5 satellite speakers
• Built-in amplifier
• Remote Control facility
• Woofer 29 watt and Sat Power output 14 watt each
• Connectable with DVD players

BDT 8,500.00 only

One year limited warranty under buy48 Policy

For more, contact:
Computer Source Ltd.
Phone: 9141747, 01730058095

Latest LG Mobile Price In Bangladeshi TK

Integra International Ltd. Brought Latest LG Mobile

Price Is Given In BD TK

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Telenor Defends Stake In Grameen Phone

Telenor has reiterated its stand on controlling Grameenphone (GP) as a majority shareholder, saying the majority stake should remain in its hands because of its higher financial contribution to the largest cellphone operator in Bangladesh.
"It's not a problematic issue. We had discussions with Dr Muhammad Yunus in Oslo last month. And what I found in the discussions is that we are in a long-term relation for developing the country," said Telenor Chairman Harald Norvik in an exclusive interview with The Daily Star on Monday.

Norvik made the comments on the first day of a three-member high-profile Telenor team's visit to Dhaka.

Jon Fredrik Baksaas, chief executive officer of the company, explained why Telenor should not reduce its shares in Grameenphone.

The battle between Yunus' Grameen Telecom and Telenor intensified surrounding a clause in the deal between them. "It is Telenor's intention to reduce its shareholding to below 35 percent within a period of six years of incorporation (1997) of the company," the clause says.

But even after more than 10 years, Telenor is yet to reduce its control in Grameenphone. Recently Dr Yunus threatened to sue Telenor.

Asked about Nobel laureate Yunus' view on taking majority share of Grameenphone, Baksaas said there might be different perspectives on how to view that deal and Telenor intention. "But you have to look back on the company's history."

Baksaas said, "We see this very clear in the sense that Grameenphone was refinanced in the period 2003 to 2004. In that period when this refinancing was made we contributed, from Telenor perspective, very much to getting the company through that period and with the additional financing in hand with a projection that Telenor should remain the major shareholder by holding more than 51 percent share."

He said it was a combination of equity investment and loans to the company. "I think the financing side has been incredibly important ... (and) dividend payout from the company has been minimal," he added.

But what was the necessity to make an intention to reduce Telenor's shares? Why does Telenor now refuse to execute its intention?

Baksaas explained, "Grameenphone was our very first investment in Asia and the paragraph of intention, which describes the possibility that Telenor has the choice to reduce its holding down to 35 percent, was something that the board of Telenor at that time needed because of risk profile of the project at that time."

"But when we get new knowledge about the Bangladeshi market six years later and we participate in refinancing and creating additional financing for Grameenphone then of course we subscribe to the pact that Telenor should remain 51 percent shareholder in Grameenphone on project basis as well as refinancing. That is the story telling around intention paragraph as part of the shareholder agreement," he said.

The cumulative investment in Grameenphone up to July 2008 was $1.7 billion and the total dividend paid to shareholders by the end of 2007 was $142 million.

Until 2003, there were four shareholders in Grameenphone. Telenor owned 51 percent, Grameen Telecom 35 percent, Marubeni Corporation 9.5 percent and Gonofone owned 4.5 percent.

When Marubeni Corporation wanted to sell its shares in 2004, as per the incorporation deal, its shares were proportionately transferred to the other three stakeholders. Later Gonofone also wanted to sell its stake and Telenor bought it. Telenor claimed that Gonofone transferred its 6.5 percent shares to Telenor in line with Grameenphone's Board approval.

But Grameen Telecom alleged that Gonofone secretly sold shares to Telenor. When asked about the issue, Baksaas said, "I don't subscribe to this view."

He said, "Grameen Telecom did not take part in buying of Gonofone's shares although it had opportunity."

However, Telenor high-ups believe the shareholder dispute is less significant than the company's future prospect.

"The prospect of the company is very important in particular when we together do the IPO (initial public offering)," Baksaas said.

Grameenphone had a plan to raise $300 million -- half through a private placement and half through a subsequent domestic IPO. But in the latest development, its high officials indicated to cut its planned $300 million IPO to $125 million.

"From Telenor, we feel very positive about bringing Grameenphone to the local stock market," Baksaas said, but declined to tell about the exact date of listing. "The timing has been a bit hit by the international credit crisis and this is also under evaluation. So our intention is to carry out the IPO issue when the market allows it."

Commenting on illegal VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) issue, Telenor Chairman Norvik said, "The fine in connection to VoIP cases with Grameenphone is of course regrettable in our organisation. Our attitude is always going to be according to local laws within local framework."

In the six-operator market, Grameenphone still holds the leading position in Bangladesh with 20.84 million customers. The operator is now opting for third generation (3G) technology.

"We are looking forward to the 3G market knowing that 3G offers more services and build sort of new experience as that the market demands," Baksaas said.

3G technology is better for using internet than 2G or WiMax, he said, adding that the operators should also bring affordable technology.

About the recent bidding for WiMax licence in Bangladesh, he said the auction should not be so aggressive as it involves huge investment and affordability.

The auctions that happened in Europe between 1999 and 2000 basically slowed telecom investment, Baksaas referred.

He said telecom policies and tax structure should not be changed frequently as these hinder growth.

Warid offers 20% bonus on recharge

Warid Telecom today announced 20 per cent bonus talk-time for every recharge with scratch cards. Zem prepaid subscribers can enjoy the bonus talk-time offer by recharging their accounts from today till October 31.
Under the latest offer, all Zem prepaid customers, who will recharge their accounts with any denomination will get 20 per cent bonus on the recharged amount.
The subscribers could use the bonus talk-time for making calls to other operators. They will be able to know the talk-time amount by using code no. *778*1#
Warid Telecom authorities hoped the new offer will encourage their valued subscribers to recharge their accounts for enjoying the bonus talk-time.
Warid Telecom, a subsidiary of UAE-based Abu Dhabi Group, launched its commercial operation in Bangladesh in May 10, 2007 as the sixth the mobile phone operator. Within one year, the company became fourth largest operator by acquiring nearly 3.5 million subscribers through spreading its network to all the 64 districts.

-Press Release

Monday, September 29, 2008

New ASUS Motherboard with NVDIA Chipset

ASUS New P5N-D Motherboard

Global Brand Pvt Ltd introduces ASUS New P5N-D Motherboard with NVDIA 750 I Chipset.
Key Features:
• LGA775 socket motherboard supports Core2Quad, Core2Extreme, Core2Duo and Pentium4 Processor.
• 1333 MHz Front Side BUS
• Supports 800 MHz Dual Channel RAM
• PCI Express 2.0 X16 Slot
• 4X SATA Port
• Built-in Gigabyte LAN Controller
• 8 Channel built-in audio controller
• 2 Firewire Ports and 8 USB Ports
• Powered by ASUS EPU-6 Engine Technology
• Power Saving Green Technology to provide less power consumption for each and every CPU components.

BDT 11,500.00 only

For warranty and further information, call:
Global Brand Pvt Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 8123281

Saturday, September 27, 2008

BlackBerry Storm 9500 Sexy Look

The highly anticipated BlackBerry Storm 9500 today made its first official appearance, popping up on German Vodafone web site. Images and specs of the first touchscreen RIM-manufactured device have been floating around the net for what seems like ages but it hasn’t yet been officially announced. If all the rumored features are confirmed when the device actually sees daylight then the Apple iPhone 3G might be up for quite a challenge.

The specifications of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 that are already known include a 3.3” touchscreen with a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels. The tri-band 3G with HSDPA and the quad-band GSM support make it capable of global roaming. The Storm 9500 is running on a 624 MHz CPU and has 192 MB of RAM and utilizes a new version of the BlackBerry OS, optimized for touchscreen input.

Some of the other extras include a built-in GPS (with A-GPS functionality), microSD card slot with support for up to 8GB cards and a 3.5mm standard audio jack. The lengthy specs sheet comes in the reasonable 112.5 x 62.2 x 13.9 mm package which makes it sound as quite an offer. The Blackberry Bold should also have Wi-Fi connectivity, but as of now it's not 100%.

Here are some additional photos and screenshots of the new full touch UI, that we snatched off Storm

BlackBerry Storm 9500 - a virtual landscape QWERTY keyboard is also available

As this stage there is no information about the pricing or the expected availability of the BlackBerry 9500 Storm. Still, the fact that it has already appeared on Vodafone’s website makes us suspect that its release date is getting close.

Samsung M8800 Pixon New 8MP Camara Phone By Samsung

The second 8 megapixel full touchscreen device on the market - Samsung M8800 Pixon finally saw its official announcement. After several reviews of the handset appeared yesterday, today Samsung finally held an event to publicly unveil it. We still don't have the full official specs list however, we have a pretty good idea what the Samsung Pixon is all about.

Samsung M8800 Pixon is the second 8 megapixel handset to be released by Samsung after the Samsung i8510 INNOV8. The Samsung INNOV8 is already available on some markets and the Samsung Pixon will follow soon with a release date set in early October.

To promote the M8800 Pixon, Samsung have started a website to showcase what a professional street photographer can do with a capable cameraphone. The web site will be fully operational as of October 2nd. Check it out at

Sporting quad-band GSM support and tri-band 3G with HSDPA the Samsung Pixon is fully capable of global roaming. It stands at 107.9 x 54.6 x 13.8mm and weighs mere 109 grams. Featuring a 3.2-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels the Samsung M8800 Pixon comes as a direct rival of LG KC910 Renoir.

Some of the other highlights of the Samsung M8800 Pixon include a GPS receiver, built-in accelerometer, FM radio with RDS and microSD memory card slot. In addition to taking exiting 8 megapixel photos its camera is capable of recording WVGA(740 x 480 pixels) videos at 30fps, which is the best that we know of among mobile phones. The Pixon will even have DivX playback and SRS (surround sound system) Virtual 5.1 Ch.

The thing that's obviously missing on the Samsung M8800 Pixon specs sheet is the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Expected to start shipping in mid-October, Samsung M8800 Pixon will retail at 550 euro (880 US dollars) a piece.

GBPL launches ASUS P5Q Series Energy Savings Motherboard

New ASUS P5Q Series Motherboard

Global Brand Pvt Ltd has introduced ASUS P5Q Series Energy Saving Motherboard with EPU-6 Engine Technology in the Bangladeshi ICT market recently.
To cater to users who require a high performance motherboard solution that also encompasses effective power savings and a friendly operating environment, ASUS, worldwide leader in the motherboard industry, has announced the release of the ASUS P5Q series. This energy-conserving series of motherboards provide great performance; and is based on the upcoming Intel® P45 chipset – which supports the latest Intel® CPU and memory technology, and was displayed at CeBIT 2008 earlier this year. The P5Q Series also furthers the eco-friendly cause with the exclusive ASUS EPU, which provides 80.23% CPU power savings and 96% enhanced power efficiency – allowing users to help save the Earth every time they switch on their PCs!

The product has a price-tag of BDT 14,000.00 only.

For further information, contact:
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 8123281.



National Museum of Science & Technology, Dhaka, has set up in its Physical Science Gallery a Display Box for Anousheh Ansari, the First Female Private Space Explorer who traveled to International Space Station on 18-29 September, 2006.
It was inaugurated by Mr. Nasir Uddin, the Director of the Museum, on Thursday, 25 September.The Display Box contains at its rear one large and three small pictures of Anousheh Ansari. Inside the Box, there is a Casket over which Patches and Lapel Pins of her Space Mission including one of her autographed pictures have been neatly preserved. She presented these items to Mr. F. R. Sarker, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Astronomical Society during a Meeting held on 14 May, 2008 in her office at Plano, a suburb of Dallas, USA.The Display Box has been set up coinciding the 2nd Anniversary of the Spaceflight of Anousheh Ansari aimed at creating Space Awareness among the Girls students of Bangladesh and inspiring them to study Space Science.

CSL launches New Microlab Finecone series speaker

Microlab Finecone Series, FC 861

Computer Source Limited has introduced one of the leading PC Sound System accessories manufacturer Microlab’s latest member of Finecone Series, FC 861 in the local ICT market.
Key Features:
• Combination of Elegance and style
• Perfect and and superb sound quality
• Combination of one large woofer and 5 satellite speaker.
• Remote Control facility.
• Total 100 watt, woofer output 30 watt and 14 watt for 5 satellites each.
• Woofer frequency 30-140 Hz, satellite frequency response 140 Hz to 20 KHz.

BDT 6,800.00 only.

One year limited warranty under buy48 policy.

For more, contact:
Computer Source Limited
Phone: 9141747, 01730058095

Friday, September 26, 2008

ComValley introduces New MSI Motherboard

New MSI Motherboard

Com Valley Ltd has introduced New HDMI supported MSI Motherboard with NVDIA MCP73 Series Chipset in the local ICT market.
• Model P6NGM
• HDMI Interface will unleash a completely new experience.
• Ready for PC2008
• Powered by NVDIA MCP73 Series Chipset
• LGA-775 socket which supports Intel Core2Quad, Core2Duo and all other current processors.
• 1333/1066/800/533 MHz Front Side BUS
• It supports DDR2 RAM with 800/667/533 MHz Memory Architecture.
• Integrated Geforce 7 Graphics
• HDMI/DVI and D-Sub Interface
• 7.1 Channel Hi-Def Audio
• Integrated Gigabit LAN and many more ultra modern features.

For further information, contact:
Com Valley Ltd
Phone: 9661034,8130780

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three companies got License for WiMax in Bangladesh

Bangla Lion Communications, BRAC BDMail Network and Aguri Wireless have got Lisence for WiMax Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) License in Bangladesh.
The licensed companies will be allowed to provide internet at 2.3 and 2.5 Giga Hertz Spectrum. This is to mention that WiMax is the technology to provide wireless and faster internet service. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission has announced to apply for WiMax License on August 30th when 12 companies have applied, from whom 9 have participated in the auction for the contract.
From them the mentioned three have own the chance to provide that service in Bangladesh.
According to the agreement the three companies have to set up 90 base stations in regarding zones. They have to cover the whole country with internet service within next three years. Not more than 60% foreign investment will not be allowed. Bangladeshi citizens who are currently immigrant in other countries can invest up to 70% of the total investment of the project. BTRC hopes the number of internet user will jump to ten million after the successful implement of this latest communication service in Bangladesh.

GP boss steps down: Departure won't hurt IPO plan, company officials say

Grameenphone CEO Anders Jensen

Anders Jensen, chief executive officer of Grameenphone, resigned from the company on Monday.
Grameenphone in a press statement to The Daily Star said, “Anders Jensen has recently decided to shorten his tenure as the CEO of Grameenphone primarily due to family reasons.”
Meanwhile, the company officials have made an assurance that Jensen's departure will not hurt the IPO issue.
Grameenphone has finalised its plan to raise $300 million (Tk 2,058 crore) -- $ 150 million from the stock market and the rest through private placement or pre-IPO.
The company's IPO proposal is now under consideration of Securities and Exchange Commission.
In October 2007, Jensen replaced Erik Aas when the company had enjoyed tremendous growth. But later the Jensen days in Garmeen were marred by different unlawful incidents such as VoIP business conducted by his previous management.
The Grameenphone board appointed the Swedish national to head the largest mobile phone operator for three years until October 2010. But Jensen decided to leave his position by December 2008.
At an internal meeting with his colleagues Monday, Jensen disclosed that he would step down. The company officials however denied elaborating why Jensen's ended his chapter here.
Company insiders said Jensen's replacement by locals is likely for the first time.
Meanwhile, on the speculation over his replacement, the company officials said the decision is yet to be made. They, however, admitted that some locals are in race.
The locals might get priority this time as the deal between Grameen Telecom and Telenor said "Grameenphone will have to recruit majority mangers from Bangladesh in order to have a majority managers from Bangladesh after six years of company's incorporation."
However Jensen's decision came at a time when the shareholders of the company Grameen Telecom and Norway's Telenor are battling each other over owning majority stake of the company.
Besides family reasons, Jensen's cost cutting strategy, shareholder's conflict and illegal VoIP scam have become challenges for him from the beginning to run the $3.2 billion Grameenphone.
On October 9, just 8 days after his stepping into the company as its CEO, Jensen had to face the first blow from the telecom regulator's Tk168.4crore fine for Grameen's illegal international call termination practiced by his predecessor.

The telecom regulator filed a case against 10 former and in-service high officials including two former CEOs of the company, accusing their involvement in illegal VoIP at a local police station on January 16.
The January 16 case is a follow-up of an eight-day RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) raid starting from December 6, 2007 on the GP head office at Gulshan. The raid found huge equipment of illegal VoIP.
Meantime, in June 2008, Grameenphone fell in another trouble for its job cut strategy. Around 500 contractual employees lost their jobs..
Grameenphone became Telenor's most profitable venture by the end of June 2006. Throughout the year 2006, it made an operating profit of 1.836 billion kroner on sales of 4.314 billion kroner.
But the recent half yearly financial report to June 2008 showed that its operating profit dropped 57 percent.
Grameenphone is a joint venture owned 62 per cent by Telenor and 38 per cent by Grameen Telecom Corporation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Intel DG35EC Motherboard by CSL

Intel DG35EC Classic Series Motherboard

Computer Source Ltd brings Intel Classic Series Motherboards newest product DG35EC in the local ICT Market.
• Highly efficient for both professional and personal use.
• Built in Micro ATX form factor enables wide rage process support.
• Supports Intel Core2Duo, Core2Quad, Intel Pentium Dual Core, Celeron Dual Core and Celeron processors.
• Supports up to 8 GB dual channel DDR2 SD RAM
• Intel’s High-Def Audio and Video Feature
• Integrated 10/100/1000 Network Connection with USB connector.
• Supports Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System.
• Intel G35 Express Chipset.

Computer Source offers 3 years limited warranty with this product.

For further information, please contact:
Computer Source Ltd.
Phone: 9119425, 01713-365200

HP's latest Intel Centrino 2 Laptop by Rishit

HP's new laptop with Centrino 2 Technology

Rishit Computers Ltd introduces New HP Laptop powered by Intel’s Centrino 2 Technology in the local ICT market.
Special Features:
• Centrino 2 is highly power saving, runs by 25 watt electricity.
• Laptop is powered by Intel P 7350 Core2Duo Processor with 2.0 GHz speed and 3 MB L2 Cache
• Intel Motherboard with Intel’s 5100 WiFi LAN support.
• Intel High-Def Bright View Technology
• 250 GB HDD storage capacity.
• Hi powerful Graphics with NVDIA Geforce 9600M GT supporting all the latest games.
• LightScribe DVD writer to write on Dual Layer DVDs.
• Card Reader, Blue tooth, Finger Print Recognition System and 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera.
• 15.4 inch TFT LCD with crystal clear video output.
• Black stylish outlook.

BDT 1,27,000.00 only.

For further information, contact:
Rishit Computers Ltd.
223/5, BCS Computer City,
Agargaon, Dhaka.
Phone: 812-9323, 01191-000127

Hedy Dual SIM Phone by CSL

Computer Source Ltd brings New Hedy Fashion Mobile M360 with Dual SIM and Dual Standby feature.
Key Features:
• Make your two SIM cards ready to call at a time
• 1.3 Megapixel Camera with unlimited video support
• MP3 and MP4 Player
• FM4 Radio for ultimate entertainment
• Bluetooth for data connectivity and GPRS for faster Internet.
• 512 MB Memory Card free on purchase

One year limited warranty.

BDT 5500 only.

For more, contact:
Computer Source Ltd.
Phone: 9141747, 01714164741

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Warid offers Zem prepaid connection at Tk 99

Zem Prepaid only @ BDT 99

Warid Telecom is offering Zem prepaid connection at Tk. 99 with Tk 50 welcome talk-time.
All new Zem subscribers would also enjoy a 20 per cent special bonus talk-time for recharging their account first time after purchase of the connection. The bonus talk-time can be used for making calls to other operators.
Moreover, the subscribers will be allowed to add five numbers of any local mobile operator as ‘FnF’ to enjoy reduced call rate to talk with friends and family members.
New Zem prepaid connections are available at all business centres, franchisees, corporate sales points and designated sales points of Warid Telecom.
The management of Warid Telecom said that they are offering the most attractive price for prepaid connection in order to keep it affordable for general customers.
Warid Telecom, a subsidiary of UAE-based Abu Dhabi Group, launched its commercial operation in Bangladesh in May 10, 2007 as the sixth the mobile phone operator. Within one year, the company became fourth largest operator by acquiring nearly 3.5 million subscribers through spreading its network to all the 64 districts.

Friday, September 19, 2008

BTCL Earning Drops 35pc

BTCL earning drops 35pc

Bangladesh Telecommunications Limited

The officials of newly constituted BTCL, the state owned landline operator, said its earnings dropped by 35 percent to Tk35crore in the second month of operation.
BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Limited), formerly BTTB, made its debut as a separate entity in July 2008.
The BTCL's earnings stood at Tk25crore on July 20, down from Tk54 crore in June. Between July 21 and August 20, BTCL's earnings settled at Tk35crore, showing a 35 percent decrease in earnings as compared to Tk54 crore in June.
The company officials said mainly lower tariff causes the earnings to go down.
"Initially, the earning looks very dismal. But in the long run, BTCL's earnings will rise according to its plan," said Ashraful Alim, managing director of BTCL, yesterday as he discussed with journalists on the issue in Dhaka.
Alim said since launching BTCL added around 13,000 new customers to its network to add up to 8.48lakh customers in total.
The company in July introduced the lowest tariff in the market, which ultimately defeated private landline operators in terms of minimum price offer. The BTCL offers Tk0.10 per minute in off peak and Tk0.15 per minute in peak hours, whereas minimum tariff offered by private landline operators is Tk0.25.
"We are planning to rearrange our network structure to attract more customers," Alim said, adding that around 200 exchanges that are incurring Tk70, 000 in losses per month have been detected.
As per the BTCL plan, these exchanges could be relocated to the high-density areas, he said.
Among 12 landline operators, BTCL holds the leading position in the market in terms of their customer base, followed by RankTel's 1.48 lakh and Dhaka Phone's 0.54lakh customers.
During its last few years, the BTTB had been losing its customers' confidence due to poor services and hidden charges demanded by the board's officials for new phone connection.
Last year, a significant number of customers of BTTB surrendered their connections due to poor services.
" It is a challenge to retain the existing customers first," said Alim, adding that BTCL will develop its services in a way so as to get new customers rather than losing them.

ASUS P5Q Series Energy Savings Motherboard by GBPL

ASUS P5Q Series Energy Savings Motherboard by GBPL

ASUS P5Q Series Motherboard

Global Brand Pvt Ltd has introduced ASUS P5Q Series Energy Saving Motherboard with EPU-6 Engine Technology in the Bangladeshi ICT market recently.
To cater to users who require a high performance motherboard solution that also encompasses effective power savings and a friendly operating environment, ASUS, worldwide leader in the motherboard industry, has announced the release of the ASUS P5Q series. This energy-conserving series of motherboards provide great performance; and is based on the upcoming Intel® P45 chipset – which supports the latest Intel® CPU and memory technology, and was displayed at CeBIT 2008 earlier this year. The P5Q Series also furthers the eco-friendly cause with the exclusive ASUS EPU, which provides 80.23% CPU power savings and 96% enhanced power efficiency – allowing users to help save the Earth every time they switch on their PCs!

The product has a price-tag of BDT 14,000.00 only.

For further information, contact:
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 8123281.

GP Nokia EID Campaign

GP Nokia EID Campaign

GP's Eid Special Offer

This Eid, Grameenphone brings back the popular Nokia 1200 handset, bundled with GP prepaid connections, for its prepaid subscribers at an amazingly affordable price.
With the GP-Nokia Eid campaign launch on September 15, 2008, anyone can stay connected with the largest prepaid subscriber base of the country, at as low as BDT 2,350.
The bundle offer consists of a Nokia 1200 handset at BDT 2,350 and a smile M2M/smile with BTCL connectivity/djuice/Business Solutions prepaid connection.
The package price, in case of the smile M2M and/or djuice connection, is BDT 2840 (inclusive of the connection price of BDT 490). In case of smile with BTCL connectivity and/or Business Solutions prepaid connection, the package price will be BDT 2940 (inclusive of the connection price of BDT 590).
If any new subscriber uses the handset along with the GP prepaid connection continuously for 30 days and recharges any amount within the initial 30 days of purchase, he/she will get a bonus talktime of BDT 50. In addition, new subscribers will receive three Welcome Tunes for free and the Welcome Tune subscription fee will be waived during the campaign period.
The bonus talktime will be valid for 30 days and will not be applicable for 25 paisa (Night time and F&F) offer and djuice to djuice calls @ 75 paisa/minute. To avail the above mentioned benefits, subscribers need to call the 4724 port (free of charge) immediately after purchase.
Existing GP subscribers can purchase only the handset (Nokia 1200) for BDT 2,350 only by showing their existing GP SIM. Note that existing subscribers will not be entitled to any of the additional benefits.
This offer is valid until October 15, 2008.

Compiled by: Md. Shah Jalal Shimul

Thursday, September 18, 2008

T-Mobile's Android Handset Priced at $199, Released on September 23

Although there's still nothing official from Google, T-Mobile or HTC, the very first mobile device to run on big G's Android platform will apparently be presented on September 23. Its price, in case you're wondering, will be one to compete with that of AT&T's iPhone 3G 8GB: $199 with a contract agreement for two years.

According to the Wall Street Journal, not only that the Android handset will be sold for this price, but it will also come with Google's logo on it, as previously rumored. Still, there's no clear info yet about the official name the device will have. It might be "HTC Dream," "HTC G1," "T-Mobile Dream," "T-Mobile G1" and so on.

As for the features of the handset, from all the leaked details that appeared so far, these should include: a 3.2 inch TFT display with 480 x 320 pixels (not exactly like the Touch HD), a full QWERTY keyboard, a Google Street View software that relies on an built-in compass, a Google App Store called Android Market, GPS, Wi-Fi, quad-band GSM and HSDPA connectivity, advanced Web capabilities (easy YouTube access included), email, a 3 Megapixel camera, 1GB of internal memory and an 1150 mAh battery.

The device should weigh 5.6 ounces (159 grams) and, when closed, it should measure 4.6 x 2.16 x 6.3 inches (117 x 55 x 16 millimeters). So, as you can see, it will not be the slimmest and lightest smartphone around. It won't be the most beautiful either, as recent live images with it have unveiled a modest look. But it's the brains that matter, not the beauty (or at least so they say), and if the Dream / G1 indeed comes with all the above mentioned features, we can easily state that it has big brains.

Now there's only one problem left: will T-Mobile really come up with the Android phone on September 23?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aktel Transfer Balance in a NEW and EASY way!!!

Transfer Balance in a NEW and EASY way!!!

AKTEL introduces a new Balance Transfer service! Both Prepaid and
Postpaid customers are able to transfer balance to any AKTEL prepaid
account whenever required.

This service will also give AKTEL customers a great opportunity
to continue communication even if they have less than Tk.1 balance!
For the first time in Bangladesh, AKTEL Prepaid customers can
request for balance to any AKTEL number.

To transfer balance:

Now you don’t have to register for using the balance transfer service.
To transfer, just type the amount (For example, 20) in a text message body and send SMS to 1212018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance recipient’s number).

You will be auto registered for the service after the first transaction.

You will also get a PIN code after successful transfer. Please use the PIN for future transactions. To disable the PIN, SMS off < Your PIN> to 1210.

AKTEL brings SIMPLICITY & SPECIALITY through its New Prepaid Offer: 68 paisa/min. to any mobile for all new prepaid customers

AKTEL brings SIMPLICITY & SPECIALITY through its New Prepaid Offer:

68 paisa/min. to any mobile for all new prepaid customers

24 hours flat rate

60 sec pulse

All newly activated customers (except Uddokta & Easyload) will enjoy SIMPLE
tariff plan of 68p/min 24 hours to any mobile
Pulse: 60 sec from 1st min
New connection price: BDT. 599 (BDT50 talk-time on activation)

SIMPLE tariff plan (Tk/min. without VAT)

A customer can change his tariff from NORMAL (existing prepaid tariff plan)
to SIMPLE (68p/min flat rate) or from SIMPLE to NORMAL only
by sending an SMS.

Tariff plan change process through sms:

Type S and send SMS to 8644
SMS charge for 8644 @ BDT 2.00/SMS (excl. VAT)
Tariff plan be changed within 72 hours from the time of sending the request
Notification SMS will be sent upon successful change of tariff plan
After sending one request, another request will be entertained after
successful completion of the previous request

Banglalink 100% bonus on recharge for inactive customers

This Ramadan banglalink is giving 100% bonus on recharge for inactive customers. This attractive offer is for banglalink desh, desh rang, ladies,first! and banglalink enterprise call & control (SME and personal) customers who have not used their connection after 5th August 2008.

To enjoy this offer, the eligible customers will just need to recharge their account with any amount. Within 48 hours they will receive an equal amount in bonus talktime. A customer can get a maximum of tk. 100 as bonus on 1st recharge.

Moreover on total subsequent recharges during the promotion period, customers will again receive 100% bonus talktime which will be disbursed at the end of the promotion period in two equal monthly installments. Maximum tk 200 bonus talktime will be given here.

The bonus talktime can be used for calling banglalink numbers excluding FnF numbers during 12am-5pm, and the validity will be 30 days from the day bonus is disbursed. Customers can check their bonus amount and validity by dialing *124*3#. This offer is valid till further notice.

Banglalink Bonus on Usage: the more you talk the more bonus you get

This Ramadan and Eid season, banglalink has launched yet another exciting new Ramadan offer - Bonus on Usage. Under this offer existing and new banglalink users will get 25% bonus on total amount they use from16 September till 4 October 2008, provided total usage is tk.150 or more. All banglalink desh, desh rang and banglalink enterprise call & control (Personal, Corporate, SME) customers are eligible to enjoy the offer. Customers from other packages can also avail the offer if they migrate to eligible packages.

Each customer can get a maximum of Tk.100 bonus talk time i.e. even customers having Tk.400 or more usage will enjoy Tk.100 bonus talk time. Minimum usage of Tk.150 includes any type of paid outgoing call or SMS (excluding VAS, GPRS, ISD calls, free airtime, bundle fee etc.). Bonus talk time will be disbursed from 10 October 2008 and will have validity of 10 days from bonus receiving date. Customers can enjoy the bonus talk time to call any banglalink number (non FnF) from 9 am to 5 pm

Monday, September 15, 2008

TeleTalk Eyes Tk 32cr Profit Next Year

State-run mobile operator TeleTalk

State-run mobile operator TeleTalk has set a target to earn Tk 32 crore in net profit in the current fiscal year, adding 18 lakh new customers to its network.
The TeleTalk board set the target at a time when the overall mobile market witnessed a downward trend in earnings.
Industry insiders expressed doubt over TeleTalk's net profit target and termed it ambitious.
But Iqbal Mahmud, chairman of TeleTalk, said yesterday: "This is not whimsical. The profit target has been set based on good calculations."
If TeleTalk's chairman has made correct calculations, the mobile operator will be the third to touch the break-even point in the six-operator mobile market followed by market leader Grameenphone and Aktel.
At present, all operators, except Grameenphone, are incurring losses in the market. A price war and increasing operating costs are mainly to blame for the losses.
Grameenphone's operating profit dropped 57 percent in the first half of the year, compared to the same period a year ago.
The market's second largest player Banglalink has recently spelled out risks to an early plan to reach the break-even point by year-end and blamed the government for not executing its tax reduction plan on SIM cards.
Aktel ran into massive losses at the end of 2007. The company's net profit showed a negative trend in its financial report, although it was profitable until June 2007.
"Profit after tax (PAT) declined due to a hike in finance costs and depreciation in line with aggressive network expansion," said the company's financial report.
TeleTalk had depreciation of Tk 119 crore last fiscal year. "We had massive depreciation last year, but we are hopeful of earning profit this year," said Mahmud.
TeleTalk is the country's smallest operator by subscribers with around 2.31 percent market share. It started operations in 2005 amid high hope, but failed to compete with the five other operators due to lack of quality services and poor marketing strategy.
Until July 2008, the company has been able to add only 0.93 million customers in two and a half years since its entry to the market.
In a recent development, the company's board approved a Tk 573 crore network expansion project.
Under the project, first-phase work went to European Nokia-Siemens Networks and Chinese Huawei to expand its network for Tk 273 crore.
The TeleTalk board chairman said the company would add 18 lakh new customers in the current fiscal year as part of the first phase work.
The company plans to add another 30 lakh customers to its network by awarding second-phase network expansion work, he said.
Along with executing its network expansion programme, TeleTalk will adopt 3G (3rd generation) technology.
3G is a technology that includes capabilities and features such as enhanced multimedia (voice, data, video, and remote control), usability on all popular modes (cellular telephone, email, paging, fax, videoconferencing and Web browsing) and broad bandwidth and high speed.
The telecom regulator has announced that it will issue three 3G licences early next year.
Grameenphone is the market leader in the mobile telecommunication sector with around 20.83 million subscribers. Orascom Telecom Bangladesh, which operates Banglalink, is the second with around 10 million subscribers as of July 2007.
Telecom Malaysia International Bangladesh, which operates AKTEL, and Warid Telecom International are the third and fourth market players with around 7.98 million and around 3.48 million subscribers respectively. The country's oldest and lone CDMA operator Citycell's customers reached 1.67 million in July 2008.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ASUS P5KPL-AM Motherboard By GBPL

ASUS P5KPL-AM motherboard

A valuable Intel G31 uATX solution with FSB overclocking 1600MHz by ASUS.
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd. (GBPL), one of the leading IT solution providers in Bangladesh, recently unveiled the P5KPL-AM model of ASUS motherboard in the local computer market.
P5KPL-AM with Intel G31 chipset inside supports Intel Quad-core CPU and features 1600(OC)/1333/1066/800MHz FSB, PCI Express x 16, Serial ATA interface, high performance integrated graphics engine, dual-channel DDR2 1066(O.C.)/800/667 memory, and 8 Channel HD Audio CODEC. Users can experience faster graphics performance and higher video quality today. P5KPL-AM is the most affordable all-in-one solution platform for Intel® Core™2 Processor with Intel G31 chipset inside.

Price: BDT 4,700.00 only.

For further information, contact
Global Brand Pvt Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 8123281.

ASUS Introduces World's First EAH3650 Model With 1GB Graphics Memory In Bangladesh

ASUS EAH3650 Graphics Solution 1GB Memory Now In Banglaesh

Catering to discerning users who want enhanced home theatre experiences, ASUS, leading provider of top-quality graphical solutions, has today released the world's first EAH3650 graphics card in the local market.
The new ASUS EAH3650 SILENT/HTDI/1G comes with 1GB memory. This powerful graphics card features the latest generation of ATI GPUs; and with an unparalleled large onboard memory size, is designed to provide feature-rich DirectX 10.1 gaming and the best multimedia playback at ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings. Additionally, it natively supports HDMI and is equipped with a noiseless cooling solution allowing home theater lovers to enjoy enhanced and convenient home multimedia to the fullest.
The ASUS EAH3650 SILENT/HTDI/1G also comes with the exclusive ASUS GamerOSD that unleashes the true power of ASUS’ VGA cards. This feature is able to deliver GPU overclocking from onscreen displays during gameplay – allowing users real-time performance upgrades when they require it. Additionally, it also provides users with the option to record live gaming action or live broadcasting over the Internet with ease.
The product has a price-tag of BDT 11,500 only.

For more information, contact:
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 9133776.

New Avermedia TV Card by CSL

Avermedia TV Card Genie I

Computer Source Ltd brings new Avermedia TV Card Genie I in the local ICT Market.
Key Features:
• Built-in Speaker with stereo sound capability
• Channel Preview Function allows you to choose your favorite one to select from 16 channels
• 3d motion Adaptive D Interlock and Progressive Scan feature.
• Its 3:2 pull down feature gives you the benefit to fit your TV screen in any sized monitor.
• Hi-Res Crystal Clear video output in Widescreen Monitors.

Special Offer:
Get a USB Optical Mouse Free with this TV Card.

This TV Card comes under Buy48 Policy with the price Tag of BDT 4300.00 only.

For further information:
Computer Source Ltd
Phone: 9119425, 01713044703

Nokia To Demonstrate Latest Elements Of Ovi

Nokia to demonstrate latest elements of Ovi

In an online event later today Nokia will demonstrate the new personal information management (PIM) sync functionality of, as well as the recently launched Nokia Ovi Suite for PC and the Files on Ovi remote-access service.
These different elements of Ovi help you manage your personal information and media in various ways through a simple and unified interface." Today we are showing people how you can easily backup, sync and share your content using Ovi services on your PC, the web and your mobile device", said Jussi Nevanlinna, Vice President of Product and Portfolio Management in Nokia's Services & Software business. "Our stepwise approach to rolling out and integrating these and other elements of Ovi lets us learn and adjust according to the feedback we receive from people, so that we can constantly improve the user's experience of our services. We recognize that in the services business bringing something new to market is not the end of its development - it's only the beginning." The latest version of, which is now available as a public beta, offers free functionality for syncing your calendar, contacts, notes and tasks between a Nokia mobile device and With this functionality users can now create an online backup of their important information that they can access and edit anytime when connected to the internet. Nokia believes this improves a customer's mobile experience by safeguarding their personal information in case their device is lost or stolen. With the Nokia Ovi Suite for PC application you can easily copy files and information from your Nokia mobile device to your computer; back up the contents of your Nokia device; and drag-and-drop photos and videos to Share on Ovi, the media sharing service Nokia launched earlier this year. Files on Ovi allows you to remotely access the files on your internet-connected personal computers from any browser-enabled mobile phone or computer. You can also store files online in your Anytime Files personal storage area so that they are always accessible to you. The service is based on the software and expertise Nokia obtained through the acquisition of Avvenu in December 2007.To participate in the online event go to: The event will open at 15:00 CET on Tuesday, September 9. There will be a live question and answer session with Ovi product managers from approximately 15:10 to 16:00. A similar question and answer session will be held from 07:10 CET on Wednesday, September 10.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HTC Touch HD Live Photo

Well, just out of the blue the never before seen HTC Touch HD device appeared online in spy photos, which reveal quite a lot. Destined to be the ultimate iPhone rival, the new Windows Mobile powerhouse packs some serious specs.

Based on Windows Mobile 6.1, the new HTC Touch HD measures 115 x 62.8 x 12mm (which is just about the iPhone 3G with 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3mm). Yes, slim it is and it has a large display (that seems to be 3.5 inches) with the overwhelming resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It also seems to be running TouchFLO 3D.

HTC Touch HD (plus some virtual size comparison)

The HTC Touch HD (we don't know whether that would be its retail name) is powered by a 528Mhz CPU courtesy of the Qualcomm 7201A platform. There are 512MB flash memory and 256MB of RAM.

Of course, goodies like GPS, Wi-Fi and HSPDA go without saying, but the HTC Touch HD also has a 5 megapixel camera (without a flash though).

HTC Touch HD

The Touch HD is due this Christmas, so we could be in for some official announcement really soon.

GP Shareholders Promise To Put IPO Beyond Dispute

Grameenphone shareholders have committed to keeping the share-offloading issue beyond internal disputes, indicating that the process of largest-ever initial public offering (IPO) will get through.

In a joint statement, Telenor and Grameen Telecom yesterday dismissed the uncertainty over the $300 million share offloading.

Norway's Telenor owns 62 percent shares, while Grameen Telecom holds the remaining stake in Grameenphone, launched in 1996. Telenor controls the management of the country's largest cellphone company.

Both the parties had ended up in conflicts on a range of issues, which created some buzz of uncertainty over the IPO, scheduled to come through this month.

However, the capital market regulator expressed doubt over the Grameen IPO last week saying the stock market debut of Grameenphone is unlikely this year, according to a media report.

"The information GP sent to the commission is not enough. We asked for more details," Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Faruq Ahmad Siddiqi told the media last week.

Earlier in August, Grameenphone submitted its proposal to raise $300 million (around Tk 2,058 crore), of which $150 million from the stock market through IPO (initial public offering) and the rest through private placement or pre-IPO to the capital market regulator.

"We remain committed to our joint collaboration and our priority remains the continued success of Grameenphone as the benchmark corporate in Bangladesh,” said Dipal C Barua, deputy managing director of Grameen Bank and a board member of Grameenphone, and Per-Erik Hylland, senior vice president of Telenor and also a board member of GP, in the joint statement yesterday.

They also said: “Our commitment also extends to our stated objective of ensuring the seamless execution of the Grameenphone IPO by 2008 and in meaningfully contributing to the development of Bangladesh capital market and its positive profiling across the globe."

According to Grameenphone's IPO roadmap, the $3.2 billion company was scheduled to list this month.

Grameen Telecom, the minority shareholder of Grameenphone, recently expressed its dismay over some "unlawful activities" practiced by Telenor in Bangladesh.

Dr Muhammad Yunus, chairman of non-profit Grameem Telecom, had even warned legal actions against Telenor to force it to honour the deal.

Grameen Telecom also said it was not ready to pay any fine for 'illegal' activities committed by the Norwegian firm.

About Telenor's alleged involvement in illegal internet telephony services, Yunus in a statement on Friday demanded that Telenor authorises ensure transparency in the matters, making public the investigation reports.

"We can't allow the name of Grameen to be tarnished directly or indirectly by inappropriate operations," Yunus said in the statement distributed through PR Newswire.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apacer Karakari Offer by CSL

Computer Source Ltd brings Apacer’s with exclusive Karakari Offer in the local market.
Apacer RAM, Memory Cards or Pen Drives can bring you a Brand New Laptop!! Anybody can take this chance to win a brand new Fujitsu laptop, just purchasing a Apacer Pen Drive, Memory Card or a RAM from market. To take the chance just buy an Apacer product and register its serial number in the following website:
Lucky winners will be selected through raffle draw from the enrolled purchasers. This offer will be valid for the purchasers who will purchase the product on or before October 15th, 2008.

For more, please contact:
Computer Source Ltd.
Phone: 01727314928, 01730303321

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GrameenPhone New Xplore Attractions

From September 7, 2008, Grameenphone brings its postpaid subscribers a whole new range of attractive features so that they never miss a single precious moment of their lives.

Zero Line rent is one of the key attractions of this new basket of offers. xplore postpaid subscribers will enjoy 100% waiver on monthly Line Rent if their airtime usage exceeds only BDT 450 per month.

If not, there is still good news. From now on, the new monthly Line Rent has been reduced to BDT 50 from BDT 100.

The World Wide Web now is at your fingertips 24/7, with the Unlimited EDGE package at BDT 850 per month offer.

Additionally, xplore postpaid subscribers will enjoy 1 second pulse on all calls, except for calls to F&F numbers. Pulse to make F&F calls will be 60 seconds (from 1st min onwards).

The number of F&F numbers has also been increased. Now xplore postpaid subscribers can call four F&F numbers at 25 paisa per minute.

These new features, along with the existing convenient payment methods, exclusive Thank You benefits and more, are expected to add greater value for subscribers and help them stay better connected with their loved ones.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

BenQ DG Camera by Com Valley Ltd

Com Valley Ltd brings BenQ Digital Cameras in the local ICT market.
BenQ’s one and only authorized distributor Com Valley Ltd has introduced 5 new models of BenQ Digital Camera in the local ICT Market.
The new models are DSC C750-7Megapixels resolution, DSC C850-8 Megapixels resolution, DSC E800- with 8.1 Megapixels resolution, DSC T850- with 8 Megapixels resolution and finally DSC X835- with 8 Megapixel resolution.

To know more details, please contact:
Com Valley Ltd
Phone: 9661034, 8130780

ASUS P5Q Series with Maximum Energy Savings by Global Brand Pvt Ltd

ASUS P5Q Series Desktop Board

Global Brand Pvt Ltd brings ASUS P5Q Series Desktop board in the local ICT market.
To cater to users who require a high performance motherboard solution that also encompasses effective power savings and a friendly operating environment, ASUS, worldwide leader in the motherboard industry, has announced the release of the ASUS P5Q series. This energy-conserving series of motherboards provide great performance; and is based on the upcoming Intel® P45 chipset – which supports the latest Intel® CPU and memory technology, and was displayed at CeBIT 2008 earlier this year. The P5Q Series also furthers the eco-friendly cause with the exclusive ASUS EPU, which provides 80.23% CPU power savings and 96% enhanced power efficiency – allowing users to help save the Earth every time they switch on their PCs!

For more contact:
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 8123281.