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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 Megapixel Samsung i8510 Primera Surfaces

Just when you thought they can hardly squeeze much more features in a single mobile phone here come Samsung to disprove that. The Samsung i8510 Primera is the next multimedia powerhouse that is to be announced in the nearest future. It will be a Symbian-powered smartphone, sporting more features than any other handset we have ever seen (yeah – more than Nokia N96, too).

Samsung i8510 Primera

Coming with a design inspired by the Samsung U900 Soul and the Samsung G810 the Samsung i8510 Primera will come with an 8 megapixel auto focus camera. We wonder whether the rumor Samsung are manufacturing the camera sensor of the Sony Ericsson C905 is correct - may be the Primera will feature the same camera unit then. There is a LED flash on the Samsung i8510 - pity since a xenon one is highly appreciated in any cameraphone.

The 8 megapixel snapper

Other exciting features of the Samsung i8510 include Wi-Fi and GPS, which also comes with assisted-GPS functionality for better cold start performance of the navigation services.

The display of the Primera will be a 16M color 2.8-inch QVGA one and the handset utilizes the Symbian 9.3 OS with S60 UI. The amount of RAM is 128 MB and there will be a dedicated 3D graphics accelerator. Unfortunately there is no information regarding the CPU used in this multimedia monster.

Much like the Samsung i900 Omnia and the Apple iPhone there will be an 8GB and a 16GB version of the i8510 Primera. There will also be a microSD card slot for expanding it and improving the connectivity. Other connectivity options include USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0. The network data transfers are good to go via 3G with HSDPA support.

For the music lovers Samsung i8510 will offer a 3.5mm standard audio jack which should also be capable of transferring 5.1 surround audio (unprecedented yet on a mobile phone). We wonder how it's going to do that with a single analogue jack - maybe it's SPDIF.

The Primera will also be capable of recording slow-motion videos in QVGA resolution at 120 fps which matches the capabilities of the LG KU990 Viewty and KF750 Secret. Another common thing with these two LG devices is the DivX playback support on the i8510.

Samsung i8510 will be powered by a 1200 mAh battery and will measure 106.5 x 53.9 x 16.9mm, which is close to Samsung’s previous Symbian-powered flagship – the G810, meaning it's a bulky fella. The official announcement of this multimedia monster is expected to come somewhere around mid-August and the price tag is rumored to be about 780 euro.

You don't really think this leak is accidental, do you? With all the iPhone fuss and excitement in the air, Samsung are obviously trying to cool things a bit by throwing those scrapes of information out in the open.

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