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Saturday, September 27, 2008

GBPL launches ASUS P5Q Series Energy Savings Motherboard

New ASUS P5Q Series Motherboard

Global Brand Pvt Ltd has introduced ASUS P5Q Series Energy Saving Motherboard with EPU-6 Engine Technology in the Bangladeshi ICT market recently.
To cater to users who require a high performance motherboard solution that also encompasses effective power savings and a friendly operating environment, ASUS, worldwide leader in the motherboard industry, has announced the release of the ASUS P5Q series. This energy-conserving series of motherboards provide great performance; and is based on the upcoming Intel® P45 chipset – which supports the latest Intel® CPU and memory technology, and was displayed at CeBIT 2008 earlier this year. The P5Q Series also furthers the eco-friendly cause with the exclusive ASUS EPU, which provides 80.23% CPU power savings and 96% enhanced power efficiency – allowing users to help save the Earth every time they switch on their PCs!

The product has a price-tag of BDT 14,000.00 only.

For further information, contact:
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 8123281.


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