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Thursday, September 11, 2008

ASUS Introduces World's First EAH3650 Model With 1GB Graphics Memory In Bangladesh

ASUS EAH3650 Graphics Solution 1GB Memory Now In Banglaesh

Catering to discerning users who want enhanced home theatre experiences, ASUS, leading provider of top-quality graphical solutions, has today released the world's first EAH3650 graphics card in the local market.
The new ASUS EAH3650 SILENT/HTDI/1G comes with 1GB memory. This powerful graphics card features the latest generation of ATI GPUs; and with an unparalleled large onboard memory size, is designed to provide feature-rich DirectX 10.1 gaming and the best multimedia playback at ultra-high resolutions and maximum quality settings. Additionally, it natively supports HDMI and is equipped with a noiseless cooling solution allowing home theater lovers to enjoy enhanced and convenient home multimedia to the fullest.
The ASUS EAH3650 SILENT/HTDI/1G also comes with the exclusive ASUS GamerOSD that unleashes the true power of ASUS’ VGA cards. This feature is able to deliver GPU overclocking from onscreen displays during gameplay – allowing users real-time performance upgrades when they require it. Additionally, it also provides users with the option to record live gaming action or live broadcasting over the Internet with ease.
The product has a price-tag of BDT 11,500 only.

For more information, contact:
Global Brand Pvt. Ltd
Phone: 01713257910, 9133776.

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